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Our Services

YWS Offshore Marine Services provide various kinds of services to ships and oil rigs. Our technicians and specialists all are very well attitude in carrying out their work. We always meet our clientĄ¯s needs in any fields.

We provide all kind of steel and metal repairing. Our workshop has various grades of steel plates which can meet whatever of your needs. Our welders stand by 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We attend to all kind of urgent repairs and we always meet the time frame given by our customer, especially cargo ships operating companies. We do accept any works in whole Malaysia, no matter any location, even offshore we also provide quality welders to go work. Any range of welders, 3G or 6G or any class certified welders we also available.

Our machinery teams can do overhauling various models of main engines and generators. We also do troubleshooting and commissioning jobs for the main engines and generators. Our sufficient supplies of spare parts are one of our strength. Regardless where the location of your vessel, we always is able to send our teams go and help your needs.

All kind of pumps and motors we do provide servicing and repairing. We can do shaft polishing, strengthening, alignments and servicing.

Our electricians will always meet your needs in any field, e.g. main engine, generators, switchboards, VMS systems, propeller systems, radio, radars, and many more.